Carrick Ambassadors at work.
Carrick Ambassadors Frank, Cathal, Shane and Connor at work.

Carrick on Shannon Chamber is proud to be involved in the Carrick Ambassador programme.  This unique initiative was set up by two Chamber Members and is run under the auspices of Carrick Chamber.  A team of 6 workers are employed to keep the town clean and tidy between the hours of 10pm and 5am on Friday and Saturday nights on a normal week and Sunday also on bank holiday weekends. They collect litter and remove bottles, glasses and leave the town ready for businesses, visitors and local residents the following morning.    This is funded by local businesses such as hotels, pubs accommodation providers, restaurants and takeaways that make weekly contributions to cover the cost of wages and equipment etc.  

This has made such a difference to the cleanliness of our town on weekend mornings and is noticed by both visitors and locals. If you would like to make a contribution or are interested in becoming a weekly contributor to the scheme please call the Chamber Office at 0719622245 or email for further information.