**Summerhill Restoration Grant – notice of roadworks in Summerhill**

Posted on : July 8, 2019

Leitrim County Council has been successful in obtaining a restoration grant for the roadway in Summerhill.
LCC intends to commence these works within 2 weeks. This will involve the construction of a new footpath on the right-hand side heading uphill and a new road surface. As their works will involve digging up the existing RHS footpath, we have also secured funding to allow undergrounding of the ESB and upgrade of the public lighting from Main Street to Summerhill Roundabout.
The work will involve undergrounding services to private dwelling and we will endeavour to reduce the inconvenience, as much as possible, by employing direction drilling methods.
It is difficult to estimate the timeframe for these works but the duration could be 3 months. The contractor will do section by section to reduce public disturbance and will always provide access to residence and businesses alike. Parking will be reduced during the works programme.
Yours sincerely,
Colm McGrath